3 news of interest today…

i subscribe to way too many feeds to be able to read all of them on a daily basis, but there are ones that are daily staples that i can’t pass up.  sai, gigaom, and angryasianman are among them that i read daily, if not hourly.  so, today, i found 3 posts that i found incredibly interesting:

fred wilson did an IMterview with sai:  interesting because it’s something i’ve always thought about but never thought anyone would really do…but it was a unique piece where questions and answers were pretty much black and white and nothing could really be misconstrued or misquoted.  i think it could be much more widely adopted now that fred agreed to it, and even he says it was fun.

gigaOM provides a good aggregation of the lack of hype around the verizon iphone:  people speculated around the verizon announcement days before the actual press release that it would be the launch of the iphone on their network.  personally, i didnt understand what the hype was about…i wasn’t going to move, nor was i sad that there was a competitor on the horizon.  if anything at all, it spelled relief, as bandwidth will free up and atnt network would be a bit more navigable (is that a word?).  to all those going to verizon, i say ‘good fucking riddance’.  but this article left me feeling pissed because it seems to make the argument to prevent people from moving to the ‘big v’.  i really like om, but i wish he hadn’t done that…fuck.

angryasianman talks about amy chou’s article on why chinese mothers are superior:  this was from a couple of days ago, but if you havent read the wsj article yet, i suggest you do so.  its some crazy ass shit.  i thought i didnt understand it being from montana, but i dont think it matters where you come from based on the comments on that article.  thats some fucked up shit as far as im concerned…i just read that article again and i feel like playing the piano for some odd reason…

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